LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system; it includes features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation. LaTeX is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents. LaTeX is available as free software. Latex has been widely used in the field of physics and mathematics where writing equations is a must. Latex is also available for web and can be used easily. I am also using latex to write equations on this site and wordpress plugin called jetpack come with the latex facility. All you have to do is install Jetpack plugin for wordpress and activate the plugin. That’s it. You are now ready to write beautiful mathematical equations. The aim of this post is to equip you with all necessary command to write beautiful math equations. I will be adding more equation the future so that you can easily copy and paste there equations for convenience. Please check this page frequently as I will be adding more command and frequently used equation in the future.

Latex symbol for Greek letters

\alpha \alpha \beta \beta \gamma \gamma
\delta \delta \epsilon \epsilon \varepsilon \varepsilon
\zeta \zeta \eta \eta \theta \theta
\vartheta \vartheta \iota \iota \kappa \kappa
\lambda \lambda \mu \mu \nu \nu
\xi \xi \pi \pi \varpi \varpi
\rho \rho \varrho \varrho \sigma \sigma
\varsigma \varsigma \tau \tau \upsilon \upsilon
\phi \phi \varphi \varphi \chi \chi
\psi \psi \omega \omega \Gamma \Gamma
\Delta \Delta \Theta \Theta \Lambda \Lambda
\Xi \Xi \Pi \Pi \Sigma \Sigma
\Upsilon \Upsilon \Phi \Phi \Psi \Psi
\Omega \Omega

Latex symbol for various operators

\pm \pm \div \div \star \star
\amalg \amalg \uplus \uplus \vee \vee
\ominus \ominus \bullet \bullet \rhd \rhd
\oslash \oslash \triangleleft \triangleleft \triangleleft \triangleleft
\bigtriangledown \bigtriangledown \setminus \setminus x^{\circ} x^{\circ}
\triangledown \triangledown \mp \mp \cdot \cdot
\dagger \dagger \cap \cap \sqcap \sqcap
\wedge \wedge \otimes \otimes \diamond \diamond
\unlhd \unlhd \odot \odot \Diamond \Diamond
\Box \Box \wr \wr \times \times
\ast \ast \ddagger \ddagger \cup \cup
\sqcup \sqcup \oplus \oplus \circ \circ
\lhd \lhd \unrhd \unrhd \bigcirc \bigcirc
\bigtriangleup \bigtriangleup \triangleright \triangleright \sqrt{x} \sqrt{x}
\sqrt[n]{x} \sqrt[n]{x}

Relations symbol in Latex

\bumpeq \bumpeq \perp \perp \models \models
\mid \mid \preceq \preceq \succeq \succeq
\| \| \dashv \dashv \vdash \vdash
\parallel \parallel \succ \succ \prec \prec
\ni \ni \in \in \bowtie \bowtie
\propto \propto \sqsupseteq \sqsupseteq \sqsubseteq \sqsubseteq
\frown \frown \equiv \equiv \sqsupset \sqsupset
\sqsubset \sqsubset \smile \smile \cong \cong
\supseteq \supseteq \subseteq \subseteq \asymp \asymp
\approx \approx \supset \supset \subset \subset
\simeq \simeq \doteq \doteq \gg \gg
\ll \ll \sim \sim \neq \neq
\ge \ge \le \le \nmid \nmid
\nleq \nleq \ngeq \ngeq \nsim \nsim
\ncong \ncong \nparallel \nparallel \not< \not<
\not> \not> \not= \not= \not\le \not\le
\not\ge \not\ge \not\sim \not\sim \not\approx \not\approx
\not\cong \not\cong \not\equiv \not\equiv \not\parallel \not\parallel
\nless \nless \ngtr \ngtr \lneq \lneq
\gneq \gneq \lnsim \lnsim \lneqq \lneqq
\gneqq \gneqq Negation of other relation can be obtained by putting n between \ and word.

Arrow symbol in Latex

\gets \gets \to \to \leftarrow \leftarrow
\Leftarrow \Leftarrow \rightarrow \rightarrow \Rightarrow \Rightarrow
\leftrightarrow \leftrightarrow \Leftrightarrow \Leftrightarrow \mapsto \mapsto
\hookleftarrow \hookleftarrow \leftharpoonup \leftharpoonup \leftharpoondown \leftharpoondown
\rightleftharpoons \rightleftharpoons \longleftarrow \longleftarrow \Longleftarrow \Longleftarrow
\longrightarrow \longrightarrow \Longrightarrow \Longrightarrow \longleftrightarrow \longleftrightarrow
\Longleftrightarrow \Longleftrightarrow \longmapsto \longmapsto \hookrightarrow \hookrightarrow
\rightharpoonup \rightharpoonup \rightharpoondown \rightharpoondown \leadsto \leadsto
\uparrow \uparrow \Uparrow \Uparrow \downarrow \downarrow
\Downarrow \Downarrow \updownarrow \updownarrow \Updownarrow \Updownarrow
\nearrow \nearrow \searrow \searrow \swarrow \swarrow
\nwarrow \nwarrow \iff \iff \implies \implies

Miscellaneous symbols

\infty \infty \bot \bot \S \S
\triangle \triangle \vdash \vdash \P \P
\angle \angle \dashv \dashv \copyright \copyright
\aleph \aleph \forall \forall \pounds \pounds
\hbar \hbar \exists \exists \% \%
\imath \imath \neg \neg \& \&
\jmath \jmath \flat \flat \bigstar \bigstar
\ell \ell \natural \natural \square \square
\wp \wp \sharp \sharp \top \top
\Re \Re \backslash \backslash \blacksquare \blacksquare
\Im \Im \Box \Box \partial \partial
\mho \mho \Diamond \Diamond \Join \Join
\prime \prime \clubsuit \clubsuit \surd \surd
\emptyset \emptyset \diamondsuit \diamondsuit \spadesuit \spadesuit
\nabla \nabla \heartsuit \heartsuit \# \#
\_ \_ \{ \{ \} \}
\backslash \backslash {\OE} {\OE} {\AE} {\AE}
{\oe} {\oe} {\ae} {\ae} {\o} {\o}
{\AA} {\O} {\l} {\l} {\ss} {\ss}
\!` !` {\L} {\L} {\SS} {\SS}
\{ \{ \} \} \| \|
\backslash \backslash \lfloor \lfloor \rfloor \rfloor
\lceil \lceil \rceil \rceil \langle \langle
\rangle \rangle \uparrow \uparrow \downarrow \downarrow
\updownarrow \updownarrow \Uparrow \Uparrow \Downarrow \Downarrow
\Updownarrow \Updownarrow \sum \sum \int \int
\oint \oint \prod \prod \coprod \coprod
\bigcap \bigcap \bigcup \bigcup \bigsqcup \bigsqcup
\bigvee \bigvee \bigwedge \bigwedge \bigodot \bigodot
\bigotimes \bigotimes \bigoplus \bigoplus \biguplus \biguplus